How can they keep ignoring Robin Hood and the 1.8 bn cheque?

You haven't heard from us in a while, but we have been quietly working away. While the new Government was being formed we have been contacting Parties and independent TDs repeatedly to alert them to the potential revenue of the Robin Hood Tax.

Robin Hood herself visited Leinster house and handed over a cheque over €1.8bn - which is the amount the tax could raise over the 5 year lifespan of the next Government.                  

The FTT is still not supported by all major parties to date. Currently only The Greens, People before Profit  - who both met with Robin Hood (see below!) - and a handful of Independents support it. However, they can't keep on ignoring 1.8bn forever. Now that the new Government has been formed we are going to request meetings to continue the dialogue.

Your help is as always needed: Can you spread the word again?

We need to be able to show that there is public support and demand for the Robin Hood Tax. Would you be able to help us mobilise support for our petition once again?