It's decision time!

Austrian Finance Minister Hans-Joerg Schelling

250+ experts call on European finance ministers to seal the deal on the FTT

With negotiations for the world’s first regional financial transactions tax “99% done” (according to Austrian Finance Minister Hans-Joerg Schelling), more than 250 economists and academics are calling on the 10 finance ministers involved in the talks to finally seal the deal on Monday.

Opportunity for visible action towards tax justice

Dail questions

On September 15th the Robin Hood Tax campaign wrote an email to all parties and Independent TDs alerting them to one obvious first and easy step towards achieving their commitment to Tax Justice.

One TD, Thomas Pringle, kindly brought this request in an oral PQ to the Minister of Finance.

Support was also send from Joan Collins TD, Tommy Broughan TD and Maureen O Sullivan TD. We know we also have the support from Independent TD Mick Wallace, the Green Party and PBP. But we are awaiting responses from other parties. 

Irish economists supporting the FTT

As published in Irish Times and Irish Examiner: 

The Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is gaining momentum. It is a proposal for a small tax on the financial sector to raise revenue for public investment and reduce the harmful activity caused by short term speculators. Already 10 EU countries are supporting its introduction.

We know from the 2008 crash and subsequent recession the destruction that is caused by the irresponsibility of the financial sector and financial markets focused on excessive profit seeking.

Our dialogue with the Ministry of Finance

On April 7th we wrote an email to all independent TDs asking them to support our call for an FTT. Following this, one independent TD, Finian McGrath, now Minister of State, addressed a Parlamentarian Question to the Minister of Finance and forwarded us the answer on May 4th. The Robin Hood Tax campaign then responded to this answer on June 8th.

An encouraging dialogue and we will keep at it! 

Have a look at the whole dialogue here: 


April 7th 2016, RHT Campaign to Finian McGrath: 

Dear Finian,